SODO, d. o. o. has a two-tier management system, which has two bodies - the Assembly, represented by the Slovenian Government and a Director as the management body. The Management Body is supervised by The Supervisory Board.

SODO d. o. o. is organised in three sectors:

  1. Technical Sector, which is responsible for electricity distribution, planning, development, maintenance of electricity distribution networks, and reliability of the electricity supply,
  2. Financial Sector, which is responsible for finance, accounting, business planning, and analysis, and
  3. Sector for the Network Charges, which is responsible for equitable treatment of all network users, providing the necessary data for the electricity market operation, switching the electricity supplier, forecasting of electricity consumption, and forecasting required energy sources.

SODO d. o. o.  has 39 employees (as of  7. 6. 2022).

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