Mission, vision, values and objectives of SODO

The SODO Mission

With professional and expert work, we ensure an integrated supply of electricity. This enables us to treat all users of the electricity distribution system within the territory of the Republic of Slovenia equally.

Vision of SODO

SODO is the driving force of development. It creates conditions for a stable, safe and reliable supply to the users of the electricity distribution system. With a responsible attitude towards the environment, SODO uses the latest and most advanced methods of electricity supply.

SODO Values


With a responsible, reliable, innovative, persistent and advanced approach, we create key processes in the field of electricity distribution, whilst respecting all of the stakeholders of the electric power system, our co-workers and the environment.


With a professional approach and ongoing acquisition of knowledge, we provide support to all users of the electricity distribution system. We use the latest technologies to increase the efficiency of processes, ensure fast response and safety of operations. We take into account good practices and ensure ongoing progress with open-minded thinking.


With an ethical, kind and positive approach, we are willing and open to cooperation, affiliation and coordination based on mutual trust and partnership on all operational levels.

Objectives of SODO

Basic objectives of SODO d. o. o. in accordance with the Energy Policy of the European Union and the Republic of Slovenia are as following:

  • competitiveness,
  • reliability of supply of the electricity,
  • environmental compatibility.
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